Pledged loans are now disappearing

Pledged loans – your debts are disappearing now

Choose a loan for your specific needs and see how many offers we have for you. Find out more about the purpose of their loan against the apartment you use as well as the possibility of changing your cookie settings in your browser.

The terms of your own contracts are always discussed and negotiated

And previously the draft contract is sent to the client by finalizing the mortgage.

Our offer is dedicated to customers who have difficulties in obtaining a standard bank loan, but at the same time have a real ability to pay their liabilities and a real estate or car free of encumbrances.

The terms of the loan secured under the plots will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the borrower’s needs and financial standing. Last year, I became a victim of bankruptcy for my potential clients, I completely lost liquidity and I found myself due to the solvency limit.

The whole process usually runs quite smoothly

In fact, the whole process usually runs quite smoothly and the client seems to be in constant contact with our employee and closes completely in 2-3 days from the moment of applying for a loan to visit the day of signing the contract.

Our loans are granted without checking the customer in the databases of debtors BIK / BIG, ZUS / US, also those having bailiff problems, therefore you will get support even in a difficult financial matter. A loan against real estate is fast and secure!

I applied for a loan secured, they understood my situation and after a few days it was over, I run the company today and the loan for security was repaid after half a year, I recommend.

We guarantee complete access to the system as well as full discretion, and thanks to experience we develop a convenient repayment plan for customers who are not in a position to meet their obligations on time. If finding the right financial offer is not successful, our company will help such people.

As a business man running a business

In which payment gridlocks occur several times, I needed an urgent cash injection, every time I apply for a loan pledged for a loan for real estate, I can communicate that I am a regular contractor satisfied with cooperation.

We offer the possibility of signing a remote notary contract at your place – without a company – due to loans secured by an apartment in Gdansk, Gdynia with mortgage pledge in the area of ​​4 sq.