4 of the craziest assassination attempts in U.S. history

There are certain phrases that military service members hear on a regular basis, and by regular we mean they are overused like crazy.

While every workplace has its own buzzwords – we mean you there, “corporate synergy” – the military is spoiled for choice. The WATM team gathered their collective ideas and came up with this list of cliché phrases we’ve heard too often in the military.

1. “All that and a paycheck too!” “

Usually spoken by a Staff NCO at the time of a 20 mile hike where you wish you could pass out by the side of the road.

2. “If you’re on time, you’re late.”

The military are well aware of the unwritten rule of arriving 15 minutes before the time they are supposed to be somewhere. Of course, if there is a senior officer involved, it could even mean 15 minutes before 15 minutes before.

3. “We do more before 6 am than most people do all day. “

The time can still be changed, but the sentence remains the same. Military personnel around the world usually wake up much earlier than most, and as the saying goes, that probably means they did some personal hygiene, performed an insane workout, ate breakfast, and started to practice before Average Joe hits the snooze button on the clock.

4. “Don’t call me sir. I work for a living.

Among the enlisted ranks, it’s a common cliché that officers don’t do real work. “There’s a reason they have a job on their behalf” is a popular saying. So when an enlisted member is incorrectly called a “sir”, this is one of the most popular responses.

5. “If it’s not raining, we are not training.”

Regardless of the weather, the US military is guaranteed to train or conduct some sort of exercise. But this cliché phrase is guaranteed when a torrential downpour hits your unit.

6. “It’s not my first rodeo out there, cowboy.”

Let’s not ask the sergeant stupid questions. He knows what he’s doing, because he’s done it a million times already. Cowboy.

7. “Best job in the world! “

Calling your particular field in the military “the best work in the world” usually happens at times when you would never think it is the best time in the world. These periods include freezing cold while on patrol in Afghanistan, running out of water during training in Thailand, and / or not showering for a month and a half.

8. “Complacency kills.”

You’ll find this phrase spray-painted on all other Hesco barriers on the Forward Operating Base, on a sign outside the food hall, and on the lips of every sergeant major within a half-mile radius. -mile. The troops must remain vigilant while they are in combat, and it is stuck in the earth.

4 of the craziest assassination attempts in U.S. history

9. “Keep your head on a pivot. “

This one is similar to “complacency kills”, but is often said to troops about to enter dangerous situations. Before going on patrol, a squad leader can tell his troops to “keep their heads turned” – that is, to stay alert and look everywhere for potential threats.

10. “Do you have any recorded games? “Or” Alibis? “

At the end of a briefing, you will usually hear one or the other of these phrases. “Questions?” just doesn’t have the same impact as using terminology straight from the range.

11. “Another glorious day in the Body!”

It could be the Corps, the Army, the Navy or the Air Force, but it’s always a glorious day out there, depending on who says the phrase. This is meant to motivate, but it is usually encountered with roll eyes.

12. “This is just for your SA. “

That’s another way of putting it for your information, but with a military twist. SA, or situational awareness, is about being aware of what’s going on around you, so it’s often said by a subordinate to a leader so they know what’s going on.

4 of the craziest assassination attempts in U.S. history

13. “We are organizing another dog and pony show. “

In fact, we’ve never seen a real dog and pony show, but we’ve had a lot of them in the military. A military “dog and pony show” is usually some kind of traditional ceremony or event in which troops display their weapons and other items. For example, Marines can put one on while standing and answering questions about their machine guns, rocket launchers, and other equipment for civilians visiting the base for an event.

14. “Roger that.”

This is a phrase that should only be spoken over the radio (it’s actually “roger, done” and “roger, out”, respectively), but troops often say this instead of saying “I”. understand ”.

15. “Well done Zulu.”

Bravo Zulu is a naval signal that can be transmitted by flag or radio, and it means “well done”. But a lot of troops will use this as a good job or a congratulation.

16. “Like a monkey f-king a soccer ball.”

A favorite of NCOs and Staff NCOs, this happens when junior troops messed up something pretty bad. As you can probably guess, a soccer ball is not a good item for a monkey’s sex.

17. “Let’s go smoke some smoke.”

Smoke grenades are used to signal and / or mask movement. When under fire, troops may want to erupt smoke so the enemy cannot really see where they are heading. On the other hand, the troops in a lame bar may want to “smoke smoke” and go elsewhere.

4 of the craziest assassination attempts in U.S. history

18. “Let’s break it down, Barney style.”

Barney the dinosaur loves you, and some military people like to use his name to explain things. When a task is complicated, a leader can explain it “Barney’s way”, or so simply that a child could understand it.

19. “Look at that soup sandwich.”

This refers to someone who has usually messed up the wear and tear on their uniform in one way or another.

20. “Okay, gentlemen, we have to be mindful of this. “

A favorite of Ward, the former WATM naval aviator, he’s actually a twofer. First, the use of “gentlemen” (oh Lord, please stop it), then refer to working hard with your head down. Apparently, we’ll be more productive until our heads are up or to the side.

21. “You are lost in the sauce.”

This will often be said of someone who has no idea what is going on. In order to put things right, a leader will probably break down “Barney Style” things.

Do you have more to add to the list? Leave a comment.

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