DVIDS – News – HRMC ends availability of USS William P. Lawrence ahead of schedule

Hawaii Regional Maintenance Center (HRMC) delivered the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110), back to the fleet two days ahead of schedule, 19 January 2022, after 10 months Mooring of Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA).

Integrated with Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PHNSY & IMF), this is HRMC’s second maintenance availability with its partner, Vigor Marine, LLC, to complete a DSRA surface vessel and Vigor’s second availability for early delivery. This continues a recent string of on-time delivery successes, providing the third Chief of Naval Operations surface ship available on or before HRMC’s scheduled date.

“The completion of the Lawrence ahead of schedule is a testament to the excellent partnership between Vigor, Ship’s Force and the HRMC team at Pearl Harbor Shipyard,” said Cmdr. Luis Socias, deputy commander of HRMC. “This achievement of returning ships to the fleet on time or sooner reinforces the Navy’s priority in delivering combat-ready ships, submarines and systems to extend our maritime advantage.”

The DSRA was a first for the ship since commissioning and focused on underwater hull coatings, shafts, tank preservation, and combat and command, control systems modernization efforts. , communication, computer and intelligence (C4I). The PHNSY & IMF Fleet Maintenance-Surface (FMR) team led by Eben Kinney, Project Superintendent, carried out the critical path work to undocking the vessel from her early maintenance period.

“A careful and honest relationship between Vigor Marine and Fleet Maintenance-Surface was integral to the on-time delivery of the William P. Lawrence availability vessel; it was a pleasure to work with the team,” said Kinney. “The teamwork and partnership between Vigor Marine, HMRC and PHNSY & IMF, and the Lawrence was outstanding. The early delivery is the result of hard work and constant communication with all stakeholders to enable concrete daily results that have had a positive impact on the collective end goal.

Moreover, the effort was not only a success for surface ship operations, but it was a victory for shipyard workers whose livelihood depends on dedication and integration at work.

“There is no greater feeling than being on a ship performing maneuvers during sea trials,” said Juan “Harry” Herrera, project manager for HRMC Surface Ship Operations. “With the crew testing their systems after such a long and complicated uptime and feeling the ship respond to every command, with engines humming, all bells and sensors tracked, captain and crew can be confident that the ship will respond swiftly and lethally if called into action.”

“This is what the maintenance team provides, with each member working in unison from FMR, Vigor, Surface Vessel Operations HRMC, Production Department, Surface Vessel Engineering, Structural Division, our contracts, Navy Information Warfare Command, modification installation teams, and our Work Integration Manager keep them fit to fight with Aloha,” Herrera added.

PHNSY & IMF is a Naval Sea Systems Command field activity and one-stop regional maintenance center for Navy surface ships and submarines. It is the largest industrial employer in the state of Hawaii. It is the most comprehensive fleet repair and maintenance facility between the US West Coast and the Far East, strategically located in the heart of the Pacific, approximately one week sailing time closer to potential regional contingencies in the Indo-Pacific.

For more information on Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and IMF, visit navsea.navy.mil/Home/Shipyards/PHNS-IMF or facebook.com/PearlHarborNavalShipyard.

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