Explore the possibility that the Titanic was sunk by a German submarine

This week’s Macrodosing is all about the Titanic. You know the course of action: an iceberg appeared out of nowhere and the ship sank into it and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But what if that wasn’t the whole truth? We’re just there to ask questions, that’s all.

The Titanic sank just a few years before the Germans used submarines to sink the RMS Lusitania, another British liner. Some Titanic survivors have reported hearing several explosions and seeing an unidentified ship near the ship as it sank.

Huffington Post – Significantly, several survivors, including passengers and crew, interviewed by a U.S. Senate investigative committee, testified that they never felt an impact or heard sound when the collision s ‘is produced, suggesting that it was minor in nature. However, they did report hearing four “reports”, or explosions, deep in the bowels of the Titanic AFTER it had scraped the iceberg! It could be torpedoes launched by a German submarine.

In addition, a number of survivors huddled in lifeboats watched a searchlight in the distance, encouraging them as a rescue vessel approached. This light had been attributed to the Californian. But, the captain of this ship, Stanley Lord, insisted that it was not his, that there was another ship between his and the Titanic. Indeed, his machine was mired in a colossal ice field and forced to stay there until daylight.

All I know is that the more we talked about the iceberg, the less it made sense to me. I think it’s entirely possible that there was an iceberg, but it’s plausible that a submarine could have caused the Titanic. Nobody comes crashing into an iceberg.

But listen to this week’s show and draw your own conclusions about what may have happened with the most famous shipwreck of all time. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, as well as on YouTube!



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