First Look at Jeff Bezos’ New Toy: Record-breaking Oceanco Y721 Sailing Yacht Launched

Earlier this year, it became known that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has bought himself a fancy new toy. This $ 500 million superyacht is said to have instantly broken a handful of world records upon delivery. He takes one more step towards this moment, which is scheduled for 2022.

This superyacht is Project 721 or Y721, the largest superyacht of the Dutch luxury shipyard Oceanco, and it has just been launched in Zwijndrecht, en route to Alblasserdam, where final fit-out will take place. You can see a video of it after it’s rolled out from the hangars at the bottom of the page – it only shows a teaser of the final version, but it’s enough to provide a decent appreciation for it.

Delivery is scheduled for 2022 after the end of sea trials. The exact date has not been announced and Oceanco has so far declined requests for comment on whether Bezos ordered it – as it should. wait. However, reports in trade publications indicate that he bought it in 2018 for some $ 500 million. Upon delivery, as promised, the superyacht will be accompanied by a series of world records, including the title of largest sailing ship in the world, the largest superyacht ever built by Oceanco and the longest ship built in the Netherlands.

Supposedly based on the Black Pearl, which is arguably the most recognizable Oceanco built and also the world’s largest and most advanced DynaRig sailboat, the Y721 is a three-decker measuring 127 meters (417 feet) in total length. . It will feature three masts and a bowsprit, and comes with a black hull and a classic, sleek silhouette.

Along with Y721, Bezos will also take delivery of a ghost yacht, which will be a customized version of Damen Yachts model YS 7512. It will carry crew and staff, provide additional meeting and entertainment space, and house all of the billionaire’s toys, including a helicopter. You can’t put a helipad on a sailing yacht so, you see, a ghost ship was a necessity.

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