Havila takes delivery of the new Havila Castor from Tersan

Havila Voyages has taken delivery of its second vessel, Havila Castor, at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey.

The Havila Castor will begin sailing on the Bergen – Kirkenes coastal route on Tuesday May 10.

“It’s always very special to be part of the delivery of new ships. It’s a great sight that we look forward to seeing along the Norwegian coast,” said Chairman of the Board and Major Shareholder, Per Saevik.

Bent Martini, CEO of Havila Voyages, spoke of great joy after difficult Easter days with a canceled return trip to sister ship Havila Capella.

“It’s a big day for our shipping company, and now we are ready to bring Havila Castor back to Norway for commissioning on Tuesday, May 10,” he said.

Mehmet Gazioğlu, CEO of Tersan shipyard, was also looking forward to this day.

“At Tersan Shipyard, we are so proud to deliver the second ship in the series; Havila Castor at Havila Voyages which represents our reliability, our quality and solution-oriented approach. While the flagship Havila Capella, awarded with the “Next Generation Ship Award”, bears the name of Tersan Shipyard along the Norwegian coast, Havila Castor will soon accompany her to share this pride”, added Gazioğlu.

“It is also a great pleasure for Tersan Shipyard to share the enthusiasm of our valued partner Havila Voyages to present passengers traveling on the historic route between Bergen and Kirkenes with a superior service. Thanks to the confidence of Havila Voyages in Tersan we will work hard to continue building the third and fourth ships, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux,” he said.

The Havila Castor is identical to its sister ship, the Havila Capella, which the company took delivery of in November 2021.

According to a press release, the Havila Castor has a market value of approximately NOK 1.2 billion and is financed with equity and a €46 million loan from the Tersan shipyard and the shipyard’s bank. . The loan is for three months. The company had previously run into problems due to Russian sanctions over previous funding deals.

“This solution gives us time to find a suitable refinancing of the vessel, at the same time as it means that our company owns the vessel from this date,” Martini said.

Initial funding for Havila Castor could not be realized. The lack of financing from the leasing company on the delivery time led Havila Kystruten to be asked to take over the ship through alternative financing.

“The solution also means that GTLK has no security at Havila Castor, and the result is that our shipping company owns the vessel 100% as of today’s date,” Martini explained.

Havila Castor is owned by HK Ship V AS – a 100% subsidiary of Havila Kystruten Operations AS.

Martini said Havila Voyages is already in the process of refinancing Havila Castor and the two remaining ships that will be delivered later this year, as well as Havila Capella.

“The biggest challenge is of course Havila Capella since we are leasing him to GTLK Asia, which is now sanctioned. We are working with solutions here too, to cut all ties with Russian and sanctioned companies,” he said. .

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