Iconic funnel removed from former Carnival cruise ship

With the majority of news being very bullish over the past few months regarding cruise ships, it would be easy to forget the heavy toll the pandemic has taken on the industry. Yet all it takes is one video to bring back those memories.

In this case, it is the iconic funnel removed from Great Celebration, or how it was known before, Party, when he was sailing for Carnival Cruise Line.

As of January of this year, the ship has been in Alang, India, when it was beached, and preparations have been made for the iconic ship to become junk. In the video, which you can see below, the circuit breakers attach a cable to the hull and remove the funnel from the vessel.

Broken and discarded

As we can see in the video, not much remains of what was once a proud and beautiful cruise ship. One of the last significant features still on the ship was Carnival Cruise Line’s iconic funnel, but even that had to go. The breakers tied a cable to the funnel and, with some force, pulled it out of the ship and into the shallow waters of the shipyard.

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The cut-up process began in March this year, two months after the ship grounded on January 14, and is expected to take around ten months before the ship is completely dismantled.

In general, a large majority of materials are sold as scrap metal; however, even the materials used in the hotel sections of the ship will usually find a new home. The shipbreaking industry has been profitable for the past 18 months.

Photo credit: Janvi Bhuri Baraiya

Several companies have been forced to sell part or even the majority of their ships due to financial problems caused by the pandemic; other companies took advantage of the break in operations to significantly rejuvenate their fleets. Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean both have demolished a significant amount of ships in the past year.

Party has long been a favorite ship for many cruise fans; she was one of the original fun boats with her small size. Perhaps this is the reason why Carnival Cruise Line decided to give the name Celebration to their new ship and sistership for Mardi Gras, Carnival celebration, which should join the fleet in November 2022.

A rich history in cruising

Great Celebration, Party, Coast celebration, some names under which the cruise ship built in 1987 has sailed during its 34 years of service on the seven seas. Carnival Cruise Line first acquired the ship in 1987 under the Celebration name.

Celebration cruise ship
Photo credit: Jon Worth (Creative Commons)

It was one of three Holiday class ships. Iconic in many ways, but in particular, the Holiday Class ships were Carnival Cruise Line’s first new build set.

It was built in 1986 at the Kockums Varv shipyard in Malmö, Sweden, for Carnival. Party worked for the cruise giant for over 20 years.

The cruise ship with 1,497 passengers and 47,262 gross tons was handed over to Ibero Cruises in 2008 and renamed Great Celebration after a refit. After a short stint with Costa Cruises in 2014, he arrived with his last owner, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

The iconic ship sailed the route between Florida and the Bahamas for six years; However, the pandemic has caused significant problems for the owners of the ship.

Forced by the rising costs of maintaining a small business during the pandemic, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line was finally forced to sell Great Celebration to an undisclosed buyer in November of last year.

Ultimately, the ship would be sold for scrap and beached at the shipbreaking yard in Alang, India.

Big Celebration Funnel

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