Johnson and Knight face off for District 9 in Green Bay

By the Press Times team

GREEN BAY — In less than a week, residents of Green Bay’s District 9 will decide whether to keep their current councilman or elect a new one.

Incumbent Brian Johnson, executive director of On Broadway, Inc., takes on challenger Tarl Knight, director of the Shipyard District, on April 5 for the District 9 seat on the Green Bay City Council.

The Press Times emailed each candidate the same question:

What do you think is the most important issue facing the City of Green Bay and District 9, and if elected, how will you address it?

Each candidate had 200 words to respond.

Brian Johnson

A: As members of the municipal council, we do not have the luxury of working on a single point. On the contrary, we are actively engaged around a buffet of questions.


We are completing 40% more resurfacing projects than the 10-year average, and we have created a five-year capital improvement plan to better manage long-term borrowing needs.


I worked to secure the installation of two major lift stations, a pump and a new rainwater retention basin/greenway in our neighborhood.


A recent increase in violent crime is making residents feel unsafe.

I was the first to draw attention to the increase in gunshot incidents, create a violent crime enforcement task force, coordinate listening sessions, and advocate for funding for the American Rescue Plan Act to support our policing and systemic solutions to prevent criminal activity.


Our tax rate and our debt are increasing and we have to learn to be careful with taxpayers’ money.

I opposed unnecessary increases in taxes and fees while offering reasonable alternatives to solve our financial problems.

District 9 first.

After decades of divestment, our district is now receiving the bulk of the city’s capital improvement plan for infrastructure, streets and flood mitigation.

Tarl Knight

A: Our biggest opportunity facing District 9 is the revitalization of our new Shipyard District along South Broadway and State Streets on the west side of our downtown.

Over the past year, I have worked with businesses and residents in our district to form The Shipyard District, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose mission is to improve our standard of living and to revitalize our region.

I am proud to have been unanimously named the first Director of the Shipyard District by area building and business owners and pledge to continue my leadership as we achieve a collective vision for our neglected part. from the city.

As Alderman, I will continue to organize with property and business owners to officially recognize our district and form a Business Improvement District (BID), which encourages the growth and development of our businesses and neighborhoods.

I will support district-wide festivities and the installation of street banners and bike racks to create beautified, bike-friendly streetscapes.

I will also support the relocation of coal piles to the banks of the Fox River, the remediation of the sites and the creation of a public waterfront with affordable housing and business opportunities for all, while protecting industrial businesses and factories on our historic waterfront.

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