Linux will start to see activation fixes for Intel “Raptor Lake”

After today’s inaugural patch, over the next several weeks we should see Intel Raptor Lake patches start to appear on the public kernel mailing list for review.

Raptor Lake is expected to be the 13th generation Core processor and the successor to the recently released Alder Lake processors. Previous leaks around Raptor Lake have highlighted the new “Raptor Cove” performance core and an improved Gracemont energy efficiency core. Leaks have also suggested that Raptor Lake S could achieve a 24-core / 32-thread design. Raptor Lake is slated to launch in 2022.

With Alder Lake on the doorstep and Intel known over the years for its generally very ad hoc Linux support, it’s no surprise that Raptor Lake activation has begun. Regarding the current Linux 5.16 merge window, there are no specific fixes for Raptor Lake yet, but the release to the kernel mailing list today is the start of the rollout.

The first patch coming out today is just the usual one-liner adding the Raptor Lake model ID. The Raptor Lake model ID is 183 (0xB7). Or future hardware activation fixes will in turn depend on the definition of “INTEL_FAM6_RAPTOR_LAKE”.

So it’s not a particularly exciting patch, but as usual, the start should follow quickly if Intel’s open source schedule holds. It’s also likely that Intel will try to get initial support for Raptor Lake in the Linux 5.17 cycle. Linux 5.17 will hopefully be the kernel of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (although Canonical can still support Linux 5.16 by paying attention to the long-term support cycle …) as well as probably what will initially ship in Fedora 36 and others. With Raptor Lake slated for release in 2022, Intel engineers will likely try to incorporate at least one early activation code into these distributions. It’s possible, especially since it doesn’t look like Raptor Lake will have too many decisive changes over Alder Lake.

Stay tuned to Phoronix as more and more Intel Raptor Lake Linux patches begin to appear for the kernel and associated operating system components.

Update: Intel has already released graphics support for Raptor Lake S for Linux patches.

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