Minister: Complete redevelopment of the Resolute ferry

The Resolute fast ferry recently returned to Bermuda “after a massive 9-month refit project at the Gladding-Hearn shipyard in Boston” which “will extend the life of the vessel by about 12 years,” the Minister of Transport said. Lawrence Scott in the House of Assembly. today [July 16].

The Minister said: “On June 27, 2021, the Resolute fast ferry returned to Bermuda after a massive 9-month refit project at the Gladding-Hearn shipyard in Boston, the original builders, at a cost of $ 2 million. . This refit will extend the lifespan of the vessels by approximately 12 years.

“Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding is located in Massachusetts. It is the closest shipyard to Bermuda, with suitable facilities and relevant expertise.

“While other sites may have appropriate expertise, they are located further away. This increased distance represents a higher cost and risk for deliveries and could have an impact on the return to service of vessels.

“Gladding-Hearn has a history of successful projects with Marine and Port Services dating back to 1980. These projects include:

  • St. George pilot boat [1980]
  • Dragon- soft buoy & buoys [1981]
  • Princeton and Inspector-Tugs [1984]
  • St David-pilot boat [1986]
  • Refit of Saint-Georges [1998]
  • Serenity and Resolute Ferries [2002]
  • St. David – pilot boat-[2011]

“In addition, they regularly provide expert advice and spare parts to maritime and port services to keep ships in service. They enjoy this activity and interface with navy and port personnel as it gives them essential information on design details and products that work best in the Bermuda environment so that they can improve their future service. .

“The Resolute has all new machinery including main engines, generators, steering system, recently upgraded air conditioning, new windows, updated navigation equipment, new interior, new bathrooms and fully equipped with CCTV cameras with recording capabilities and a public address system for public security announcements to name a few.


“The Resolute is currently being cleaned and prepared for return to service on the Green and Blue ferry routes serving both the general public and the passengers of our cruise ships.

“Last week, Thursday, I had the opportunity to see the improvements firsthand. I was also able to meet the “All Navy and Port Crew” who delivered the Resolute on the 635 nautical mile voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean. They are:

  • Captain – Joseph Nicholas Maynard
  • Chief Engineer – Jean Lemaire
  • Deck Officer – Elijah Simmons
  • Sailor – Calvin Burgess
  • Sailor – Warren Foggo
  • Mechanic – Jomel Smith


“The second Serenity fast ferry, is scheduled to leave for the Boston shipyard the week of July 19, 2021, to undergo a similar refit and is expected to return to Bermuda in May 2022.”

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