Nicola Sturgeon accused of “betraying” Ferguson Marine

CAMPAIGNS, angry at Ferguson’s failure to manufacture the frame for the new CalMac ferries, accused Nicola Sturgeon of “betraying” the shipyard her government nationalized.

Pro-union organization Scotland Matters has expressed concern over foreign yards favored for lucrative work via a poster campaign a stone’s throw from the shipyard.

The Prime Minister and his former mentor Alex Salmond are pictured in the Titanic film pose at the bow of a ferry called “Glen Alba”, alongside the banner “SNP – STRONGER FOR FOREIGN SHIPYARDS”.

The e-mail message is constantly displayed on notice board space in Port Glasgow as Scotland Matters continues to campaign against another independence referendum.

Former Inverclyde MP Iain McKenzie said: “In 2019 the Prime Minister stood outside the court and announced:” Ferguson is living proof of how the SNP government stands up Scotland and Scottish Jobs “.

“If this is how the SNP stands up for Scotland and Scottish jobs, it’s no wonder our industries and jobs in Inverclyde are in decline.”

The billboard follows the explosive news that the Scottish government has neglected its own shipyard and will award contracts for two Islay ferries to shipyards in Romania, Poland or Turkey.

Labor man Mr McKenzie – who was joined by other activists at the launch of the billboard yesterday – said: “The Prime Minister stood outside the construction site and announced the nationalization and assured the workforce they had a future in building ships for the Scottish ferry fleet.

“Now this dedicated, proud and skilled workforce has been betrayed by the SNP, with orders for more ferries to be executed by foreign shipyards.

“Ferguson is living proof that the SNP is not stronger for Scotland but stronger for foreign shipyards.”

Inverclyde’s SNP MSP Stuart McMillan today rejected the union group’s attack.

He said: “Ferguson Marine is living proof that this Scottish SNP government stands up for Scotland and Scottish jobs.

“By taking it into public ownership, we saved 300 local jobs, and since then more have been created.

“It’s interesting how Scotland Matters seems to be so nationalistic yet still wanting to keep us in a union that made Ferguson the last commercial shipyard for the Lower Clyde.

“Maybe if Scotland Matters matriarch Mrs Thatcher hadn’t targeted heavy industry and cost hundreds of thousands of hard-working men and women across the Kingdom their jobs. “United, their message wouldn’t sound so confusing.”

Mr McMillan also criticized the group’s lack of a positive record on the constitutional issue and launched an attack on Mr McKenzie.

He added: “The Scotland Matters website claims to promote the benefits of being in the UK – but I have yet to see them offer a solid argument in support of their position.

“It is clear that they are struggling to find something positive to say about the union.

“I would have a hard time with that too.

“Instead of spending time working on billboards, the failed former Labor MP at the heart of Scotland Matters had better spend his time trying to distance himself from the right-wing, pro-Brexit and Conservative government. morally bankrupt, he seems to be so loved.

“Let’s remember, Scotland Matters is backing a Westminster government that once employed a company that did not own any ferries, to provide ferry service.

“I look forward to the next Scotland Matters billboard that talks about Scotland and the Inverclyde, instead of trying to make a case for this broken and unbalanced union of inequalities.”

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