Organize your fridge with the YouCopia ‘Crazy Susan’ organizer

No matter what system I create or how hard I work to organize my cluttered refrigerator, I can never really find what I’m looking for.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought a second container of barbecue sauce or dressing, not knowing we already had one at home that had been pushed too far in the fridge to see it. And don’t get me started on sour cream or stale pickles with an expiration date of 2018: where has this stuff been hiding for so long?

With the style of side-by-side doors on my fridge, it’s impossible do not lose things in the cavernous depths of each shelf. Add to trying to sell my kids on keeping things in their place and … I give up.

Good, almost. Recently, I discovered a range of tiered trays from YouCopia, a popular home organizing brand on Amazon. Her “Crazy Susan” turntable was perfect for organizing my deep refrigerator shelves, and after seeing her impressive 4.8-star rating from thousands of reviews, I was sold.

So, I picked up a few styles and spent a weekend morning pulling everything out of my fridge – and prayed that these organizers would take the clutter out of the way once and for all.

YouCopia Crazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Turntable

There were expired items to throw away, produce ready to be composted, and empty bottles and jars to dispose of, but once I did, I was left with my family’s must-have foods and different styles of turntables. white and transparent plastic to organize them with.

The single tier organizer comes with three plastic bins and is only about four inches tall. The bins are great for storing items such as small jars of pesto, yeast and mustard, as well as tubes of chopped herbs and broth base. Each is made of clear plastic so I can easily see what’s inside. But my favorite feature is being able to rotate the platform 360 degrees to access each set of perfectly organized items.

What about all those ketchups and mustards hidden in the back of my fridge? With the space I saved by using the Crazy Susan, I was able to completely clean my fridge door so it could hold and display all of our condiments. I also gave my kids a new rule regarding their beloved dips: we can’t buy more until there’s room in the door. (At least I thought my rhyme was smart.)

YouCopia FridgeView vinyl turntable

If you are looking for a record player without trays, YouCopia has options. This FridgeView turntable is perfect for storing jarred items like pickles, olives and other condiments. It also comes with a non-slip silicone mat, so I never have to worry about the organizer slipping and sliding while I rotate it. And if you’re looking for even more storage, you might want to consider the brand two-tier option – it is height adjustable (between five, six and seven inches in length) and comes with or without storage bins.

Along with the space-saving benefits of these turntables and the ability to rotate each one to see the jars and containers placed on them, I also like the clean look of the white and clear plastic. It blends in so well with the interior of my fridge it looks like the organizers came with it!

Courtesy of Terri Peters

I’ve always doubted my family’s ability to keep our fridge tidy, but these amazing organizing tools make it a sure-fire effort no matter how clutter you have in your fridge.

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