Poisonous gas leak claims two lives in shipyard toilet: DONG-A ILBO

Two contractor workers died in a toilet at a shipyard in Saha District, Busan, due to a leak of a harmful gas believed to be hydrogen sulfide.

It was reported by a company official at 11:04 a.m. to police on Saturday that two workers surnamed Kang and Jeong were found lying on the floor in a toilet on the 1st floor of a building next to the shipyard, police said. and the Busan Metropolitan City Fire Department on Sunday.

Kang died 40 minutes after being sent by emergency dispatchers to a medical center. In cardiac arrest, Jeong began to breathe again for a while, but eventually died within a day. The two deceased victims worked for the shipyard subcontractor in charge of electricity and equipment.

High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia leaking from the toilets, according to police authorities, resulted in the deaths of Kang and Jeong. The workers submitted several reports to the district office that it smelled very toxic and harmful on weekends and holidays in the toilet. On the day of the accident, it smelled strangely bad, according to a company official.

Hydrogen sulfide levels were 250 ppm, 16 times higher than the safety standard of 15 ppm, around 12:00 p.m. Sunday, according to measurement data from firefighting authorities. Two series of ammonia measurements showed 67 ppm and 56 ppm, respectively.

Police authorities and the Nakdong River Basin Environmental Bureau reported that deadly gas could have entered through the packaging to prevent backflow into a toilet bowl and exhaust outlet, initiating a full investigation. They are working to verify the causes of the fatal leak in cooperation with the Busan Environmental Corporation, the district office and the shipyard in charge of the drains, sanitary tanks and toilets, each.

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