SINoALICE’s collaboration with Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic is now available on Android and iOS

SINoALICE officially launched a collaboration with the movie Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic today! Originally released in 2017, the animated film deals with the sinking of the RMS Titanic. It follows the story of Sebastian, Ciel, and Sake, who board the luxury liner Campania in search of the Aurora Society on suspicion of raising the dead. Their investigation leads to the discovery of numerous corpses on the ship and to battles with such characters as the Undertaker and Stoker. All of these iconic heroes and villains from the movie are set to feature in SINoALICE’s new crossover.

Players can get their hands on the Black Butler Sebastian himself, simply by logging into the game. It will be available for free until January 11. During this time, a cooperative guild event called Endless Desire will be active and give players a chance to earn Crystals and other items by going to the Shooting Gallery.

The following four characters from the movie can be unlocked via the Midnight Reverie Step grimoire. It’s split into two segments – the First Chance with Undertaker / Paladin and Elizabeth / Beaker and the Last Dance, made up of Ciel / Gunner and Grell / Crusher as new classes. Summoning these characters from grimoires will advance one stage and in stage 5 players are guaranteed to have an SR weapon. Weapons include the iconic Scythe Undertakers, Elizabeth’s Rapier, Ceil’s Gun, and Grell’s Chainsaw.

Until January 10, players can purchase a Twilight Crystals Set from the Store to receive 306 Crystals, a new SR weapon called A Primer on Justice, and the new Snow White / Butler class. Players can also participate in SINoALICE’s social media campaigns to earn various rewards such as + Drop Vials, Upgrade Swords, Purification Tickets, and more. Ten lucky winners can also win a Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic t-shirt. Finally, anyone can also earn Twilight Crystals, Buffers, and other rewards by defeating World Cleansing Nightmares.

Download SINoALICE for free on the App store and google play and get your favorite Black Butler characters.

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