Stena orders another large RoPax ferry

Stena RoRo announced yesterday that it has signed a new charter agreement with Atlantic Marine, a Canadian federal Crown corporation. As a result, Stena ordered her 10th E-Flexer ship at CMI Jinling shipyard (Weihai).

The vessel, once delivered, will operate in eastern Canada between Newfoundland and New Scotland. Delivery of the shipyard is scheduled for 2024.

“Marine Atlantic is one of our past clients,” said By Westling, general manager of Stena RoRo. “We delivered one ferry in 2000 and two more in 2010 to Marine Atlantic, which are still in service. We succeeded in executing this new charter contract after a very competitive and exhaustive procurement process. We are extremely pleased to be able to continue to deliver high quality ships to this important customer.

“Our aim is to tailor the design of the ships to the specific wishes of our customers and in this case our E-Flexer platform is very well suited,” Westling continued. “It meets the customer’s requirements for an optimal hull shape combined with efficient dual fuel engines and a battery-powered hybrid solution to minimize emissions.”

Nowadays, Stena RoRo has ordered 10 large E-Flexer type RoPax vessels, five of which have now been delivered. The company has an option for additional CMI Jinling vessels.

“Marine Atlantic is an essential service that is vital to the national supply chain,” said Gary O’Brien, Chairman of the Board of Directors Marine Atlantic. “The new vessel to be delivered to Marine Atlantic will play an important role in helping us continue to meet the needs of our customers. The design of the vessel combines key priorities such as maneuverability, safety, accessibility, while minimizing environmental impacts, to provide our customers with modern, efficient and reliable service. “

“We are looking forward to working with our partner in this project, Stena RoRo AB,” said Murray Hupman, President and CEO, Atlantic Marine. “Stena RoRo is a leading innovator in the global freight and passenger ferry market. “

The Stena E-Flexer ships combine cargo and passenger capacities and are significantly larger than current standard ferries, the company said. The Stena E-Flexer class is at the forefront in terms of environmental sustainability and sets a new standard in terms of emissions, cost and fuel efficiency, as well as performance.

Specifications of the 10th E-Flexer:
Length: 202.9 m
Rough draft: 6.45 meters
Beam: 27.8 meters
Capacity: 1,100 people on board, 2,571 meters of track including 476 meters of passenger car track

Stena E-Flexer orders with CMI Jinling (Weihai):

1. Stena Line (in service between Holyhead and Dublin early 2020)

2. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool in 2020)

3. Brittany ferry (long-term charter agreement for service between the UK and Spain)

4. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool in 2021)

5. DFDS (long term charter contract for the service between Dover and Calais, delivery 2021)

6. Brittany ferry with the operation of LNG (long-term charter contract, delivery November 2021)

7. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022)

8. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022)

9. Brittany ferry with LNG operation (long-term charter contract, delivery 2023)

10. Marine Atlantic with LNG exploitation (long-term charter contract, delivery 2024)

Stena RoRo supplies tailor-made vessels, as well as RoRo and RoPax standardized vessels. The company leases around 15 vessels to operators around the world, both to Stena companies and to third parties. Stena RoRo specializes in applying its technical expertise to the design and production of new vessels and the conversion of existing vessels to provide tailor-made solutions to its customers. Since 2013, Stena has been responsible for the design and production of Ships of Mercy‘new hospital ship on Global Mercy – the largest civilian hospital ship in the world.

Marine Atlantic, a federal Crown corporation, is committed to providing safe and environmentally friendly ferry service between Newfoundland and New Scotland. Marine Atlantic serves two routes. The first is a year-round 96 nautical mile daily ferry service between Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador and North Sydney, Nova Scotia. The second, offered from mid-June to the end of September, is a 280 nautical mile ferry service between Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador and North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

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