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Swan Hellenic’s new SH Minerva was christened at the Helsinki Shipyard in a small private ceremony this afternoon with godmother Johanna Mäkelä, Finland’s first food culture teacher and wife of the mayor of the city of Helsinki, Juhana Vartiainen.

Mayor Vartiainen was also present, as well as CEO of Swan Hellenic Andrea Zito and CEO of Helsinki Shipyard Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch with the top management of the yard.

The celebration follows disruptions in the global supply chain and recent spikes in COVID-19 cases in Finland, which have led Swan Hellenic to make the difficult decision to delay the start of Minerva’s inaugural season, preferring to cancel his first two cruises rather than risking compromising in any way. the highest standards of quality and safety, the company said.

From the baptismal ceremony

The SH Minerva is now scheduled to leave the shipyard early next week.
At the christening, Helsinki Shipyard Project Manager Jonas Packalén said: “We are happy to finally see this day, following the many global challenges that have made our job far from easy. Our special thanks to everyone involved in the project for their unwavering dedication and superb work!

Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito added: “I too would like to congratulate everyone in Helsinki for their impeccable job under difficult circumstances and the strict security measures which have kept SH Minerva a safe environment at all times. . The vessel was completed just 26 months after the contract was signed, which is a remarkable achievement. We are now very eager to take our clients to see what others don’t, exploring in exceptional comfort and style.

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