TGE Marine announces the completion of the tank construction phase for two large LNG cargo tanks

TGE Marine announces the completion of the tank construction phase for two large LNG cargo tanks, including insulation at Jiangnan Shipyard, according to the company’s statement.

The two Bi-Lobe shaped cargo tanks of approximately 16,000 and 14,000 m³ capacity respectively for transporting LNG at cryogenic temperatures are the largest Bi-Lobe IMO Type C LNG tanks ever built. The tanks are designed for a maximum design pressure of 4.80 barg and a minimum design temperature of -164°C. The applied spray PU foam insulation system results in a very low evaporative gas rate of 0.15%/day.

The design of this IMO type C large capacity containment system has been developed by TGE Marine and is approved by the classification society DNV. Both tanks rely on TGE Marine’s patented special foundation design, allowing the tanks to shrink unhindered at low operating temperatures. In addition, the design reduces the construction and installation effort of the ship-side foundation structure executed by the shipyard compared to conventional foundation structures.

The tanks have already been installed in the hold spaces of the new building of the 30,000 m³ LNG carrier CORAL NORDIC at the Jiangnan shipyard in China for the Dutch shipping company Anthony Veder. Commissioning and gas testing activities are expected to be completed later this year.

The completion of these unique LNG tanks is based on the long-term successful cooperation between Jiangnan Shipyard and TGE Marine as well as the long-standing collaboration on joint gas carrier projects between Anthony Veder and TGE Marine.

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