Tips and tricks for defeating Jormungandr in the Tribes of Midgard

The new boss of the Tribes of Midgard saga for its second season is none other than Jormungandr, the serpent of the world. You may recognize this giant snake from other games like God of War or Smite. In Tribes of Midgard, this is a pretty tough enemy to find.

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To meet him, you need to rebuild the shipyard, build a boat, light all three beacons, find Jormungandr’s lair, then enter. It can take a lot of time, and you also have to worry about protecting your base from Helthings and harvesting lots of resources. Tackling Jormungandr requires a good team and knowledge of how to get the job done.


ten Rebuild career

The Quarry is arguably one of the most useful buildings to restore in Tribes of Midgard. While it takes a lot of souls and materials at the start of a run, the returns are more than worth it. You will get lots of Stones, Hewn Stones, Iron, Silver and more directly in your War Chest. Because the stone can take a while to find depending on your seed, getting plenty of them for free speeds up any run.

During your search for Jormungandr, you will find it easy to construct more buildings and craft what you need to find the Serpent’s Lair through the Quarry.

9 Do side quests

In your village there is a healer on the north side. Just above and to the right of him is a quest board. On this board are quests ranging from easy to hard difficulty. Some require you to kill a certain number of wolves or goblins while others may require you to take down elite creatures or find special resources.

Either way, completing these quests can often net you good gear and a lot of souls earlier in the game. You don’t constantly want to explore areas you’re not geared up for, and side quests can provide you with the right tools to do the job. They usually also load you up with elemental weapons, so you’ll be able to deal extra damage to some Jotuns as well.

8 Build the Archer Towers

To beat Jormungandr, you and your friends will need to explore outside of the village. However, this can leave your base unprotected, which is a death sentence, especially during a Blood Moon. This is why building archery towers is a good investment for your souls and materials.

Archer Towers are upgradable and do a good job of taking down Helthings as they try to knock on your doors. In the worst case, archer towers will at least give you more time to return to base and defend Yggdrasil from monsters.

seven Ask a player to become a hunter

Tribes of Midgard has a class system – each player, after leveling up, can choose a class that grants them specific buffs and abilities for the rest of the run. One class you need to make sure you have on your team is Hunter.

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Hunters are support characters when it comes to gathering and exploring. They can greatly increase the visibility of their map and double the amount of resources they harvest. Because building the shipyard and a boat requires a lot of resources, a starfighter is essential for any race where you’re trying to take on a saga boss.

6 Upgrade the handyman

When it comes to upgrading your citizens in Tribes of Midgard, most people will opt for the Blacksmith or Armorer. However, you shouldn’t ignore your handyman. Not only does this character give you better tools with each level, but at level 3 it allows you to craft additional resources that are harder to find in the world. Stone, Wrought Iron, and Iron are all crucial materials for finding Jormungandr, and their easy access makes finding the beast much easier.

It’s a good idea to upgrade the tinkerer early in the game so you can upgrade your harvesting tools and get more resources right off the bat.

5 Have bows handy

When it comes to fighting Jormungandr, swords and axes won’t be enough. While melee builds are good for fighting Jotuns, the same can’t be said for fighting the World Serpent. The snake sits in a pool of water in the middle of the arena. Melee weapons don’t have enough range to damage the snake except when attacking with its tail.

Luckily, bow users will have an easier time dealing damage to Jormungandr. Make sure everyone has a good bow ready for battle so everyone can bombard it with arrows.

4 Craft Immunity Potions

Without a doubt, the most annoying attack in Jormungandr’s arsenal is acid pools. It will fire large pools of poison throughout the fight, giving massive area denial and dealing a lot of damage. If you walk through or are hit by the poison, you will take additional damage over time.

That’s why bringing immunity potions is a must for this battle. They will remove the poison effect from you, giving you the ability to regroup, heal, or even pick up your teammates.

3 Activate the shrines on the Beacon Islands before exploring

Each of the three beacons needed to find Jormungandr’s lair is on an island. You’ll eventually mark them on your map, so finding them is usually a breeze. However, once you’ve built a ship and traveled to these islands, you’ll find that a host of tough enemies are there to stop you from activating the beacons.

Going there alone is almost certainly a death sentence. The good news is that each island contains a shrine. Activate it before going to get the beacons so you can approach with a few of your friends. These enemies won’t give you much trouble after this.

2 Craft purple or legendary weapons

A good weapon can make all the difference in a series of Tribes of Midgard. They can turn the tide and prevent you from being overrun by enemies by destroying anything that crosses your path. However, when facing saga bosses, powerful weapons are a necessity. Jormungandr has a lot of health and can take a long time to deplete.

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As such, the more damage you can do, the better. Purple and Legendary weapons also give you additional abilities that allow you to deal extra damage and heal your allies – both of which are very useful during the boss fight.

1 Harvest Harvest Harvest

Early on in your run, you should be looking for piles of branches and flint. Once you find two of each, go to the Handyman and craft a Flint Pickaxe and a Wood Axe. After that, start clearing the map and mining all the stone and iron deposits you can find. The more resources you have, the better. Harvesting will also earn you souls, which are essential for obtaining the equipment needed to challenge Jormungandr.

Ideally, you and your teammates will work together to do intense harvesting and share upgrade resources in the War Chest.

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