Titanic: discover the main characters of this film as signs of the zodiac

There are films that will stay forever in our memories. From dialogues to characters, every aspect of the film reaches us on a deeper level and becomes part of our psyche. One of those films is Titanic. Directed by James Cameron and starring Kate Winslet and Leanardo DiCaprio, this film is based on the true and tragic story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912.

Every character in this movie, from Rose to Jack Dawson, is complex and layered. We took the liberty of predicting the zodiac signs of the main characters in this movie based on their personality traits.

Jack Dawson

Jack is a free-spirited, easy-going guy. He doesn’t care that he has limited means. By the time he wins the ticket to the Titanic, he is overjoyed. Even when he is on the ship, he does not fear his status or his class. The zodiac sign he most closely resembles is Sagittarius.

Rose DeWitt Bukater

Rose is the epitome of sophistication, until one day she begins to feel suffocated by the baggage associated with her class. She is not like other people in her company. She is not afraid to question things and is different from others. The zodiac sign she most closely resembles is Pisces.

Caledon Hockley

Caledon is someone who is obsessed with status and wealth. He is greedy, manipulative and cunning. He is a very insecure man and cannot bear for Rose to reject his proposal. His calculating and astute personality brings him closer to the Aries zodiac sign.

Ruth DeWitt Bukater

Ruth is Rose’s mother. He is a practical and realistic person. She doesn’t believe in love and wants someone who will secure her daughter’s future. She is also wary of Jack Dawson and is dismayed when she sees him approaching her daughter. The zodiac sign she most closely resembles is Capricorn.

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