Titanic’s Jack Dawson Creates 5 Historical Inaccuracies

Jack Dawson created at least five historical inaccuracies in Titanic, paving the way for a time travel theory. Here’s what he got wrong.

TitanicJack’s Jack Dawson had planned when he and Rose might be together, and he told her about a few places and activities they might do together, but these and other Jack-related details created historical inaccuracies that have gives way to a fun theory. . James Cameron’s name is often associated with the science fiction genre thanks to films like The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Dayand Avatarbut one of his biggest and most important projects was far from this area: Titanica disaster drama mixing fiction, events and real characters.

According to accounts of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912, Titanic tells the story of Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), two passengers of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship on its ill-fated maiden voyage. Over the course of four days, Rose and Jack got to know each other quite well and even made plans for the ship’s arrival in America, as they wanted their romance to continue, but it wasn’t meant to be. , and while Rose became one of the survivors of the sinking of the Titanic, Jack joined the list of victims.


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All along Titanic, Jack shared some details about his life before boarding the famous ship and spoke to Rose about places they could go together, but as sweet as those times are, they – along with other more specific details about Jack – actually create at least five historical inaccuracies, which served as the basis for a theory suggesting that Jack Dawson was a time traveler responsible for ensuring the Titanic sank and saving Rose was part of the plan. Here are the historical inaccuracies created by Jack in Titanic.

Wissota Lake

Titanic Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio

Rose and Jack met when, one night, Rose scaled the back railing intending to jump overboard, as she couldn’t handle her loveless engagement and the pressure of her mother and social status. Jack approached Rose and tried to convince her to go back on deck, telling her how cold the water was and how much it would hurt. Jack then told Rose a story about how he and his father went ice fishing at Lake Wissota and how he once fell through thin ice, detailing how painful it was to feel the cold water. . The story helped Jack convince Rose not to jump and accept his help, but it wasn’t accurate at all. Lake Wissota is located in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, and was formed by the construction of the Wissota Hydroelectric Dam on the Chippewa River in 1917, five years after the sinking of the Titanic. The lake is a popular recreational destination for boating, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and ice fishing in the winter, so at least Jack got it right.

Santa Monica Pier Roller Coaster

Image from the movie Titanic rose jack leonardo dicaprio

After saving his life, Rose brought Jack to her side of the ship, where they got to know each other a bit more as Jack told her about his work and travels, as well as the places he liked to go. Jack mentioned the Santa Monica Pier as he worked there doing portraits for 10 cents, with Rose sharing her dreams of running away and finally doing what she wanted. Rose then told Jack to imagine if they ever went there, Jack assuring her that they would, and once there they would”drink cheap beer, ride the roller coaster til you puke”. It was a nice plan and all, but the Santa Monica Pier had no roller coasters in 1912. The pier opened to the public in 1909, but there were no amusement park rides. The attractions on the pier were built in 1916 by Charles ID Looff and his son Arthur, so once again Jack was talking about things that didn’t exist in the context of Titanic.

Jack’s hairstyle and backpack

Jack and Rose look at each other in the hall, Rose holds his arm

These are very easy to miss details, but those who support the theory that Jack Dawson is a time traveler have pointed to his bag and haircut as evidence, as they did not match 1910s styles. sources, the bag Jack carried with the few items he owned was of a style that became popular in the late 1930s, and even his haircut was out of date. Many viewers pointed out that Jack’s haircut was “too 1990s”, and in the early 1900s, men kept their hair short and combed out of their eyes, which is the complete opposite of the Jack’s hairstyle. Then again Jack was the character that didn’t belong in the luxury of the Titanic and Rose environment so his image was designed to be messy so he could stand out so even if it’s not historically correct, it is at least understandable.

Filtered cigarettes

Titanic Jack smoke

Another very specific detail that creates a (minor) historical inaccuracy in Titanic are the cigarettes that Jack smoked throughout the film. Some viewers have pointed out that filtered cigarettes like these didn’t exist in the 1910s, and so this detail is also used as evidence for the time traveler theory. The process of making a cigarette filter from crepe paper was patented in 1925, and in 1935 a British company developed a machine that made cigarettes with the tip filter. These cigarettes were considered a specialty item until 1954 when manufacturers introduced the machine more widely. Other viewers think the expression Jack used when he asked Spicer Lovejoy for a cigarette – “can i smoke a cigarette?” – seemed out of time, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Titanic continues to be an impressive cinematic achievement, and while many details and characters are correct, there are many other details that are historically inaccurate – but in the end, all of those Jack mistakes don’t change his arc in any way, and that’s it. It’s up to each viewer to decide if they could time travel or not.

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