[VIDEO] ‘SNL’ Premiere: Star Trek Billionaire – Owen and Luke Wilson

In the season 47 premiere of Saturday Night Live, the comedy sketch series aimed at billionaire space race nonsense, with host’s brother Owen Wilson stopping to help skewer rich white vanity.

In the aptly titled new short film “Star Trek: Ego Quest”, Jeff Bezos (Owen Wilson) and “his team of random nerds” put their Kirk and Spock on them as they galloped through space. Luke Wilson played Bezos’ brother and anonymous first mate, while Andrew Dismukes appeared as the ship’s science officer (aka a “rich child of the Netherlands”) and Heidi Gardner faced off against the pioneer of the Aviation Wally Funk, 82 years old.

In the clip, the unlikely space invaders stray onto an Amazon-sponsored ship that “looks like a penis.” Of course, the crew pull up side-by-side on Richard Branson’s (Alex Moffat) Virgin Galactic shuttle, and the two boats then embark on “a midlife crisis of cosmic proportions”.

But even billionaires aren’t immune to space danger, this time in the form of Elon Musk (Mikey Day) and his spacecraft Space-X. “Space is only big enough for a weird white billionaire!” Musk laughs.

In the end, an Amazon delivery boy (Kenan Thompson) is teleported to deliver a package, before Bezos quickly puts him down and sends it on his way.

Elsewhere in the episode, a new Biden was born, while Weekend Update paid tribute to its former presenter, Norm Macdonald.

Did you love seeing the Wilson brothers side by side? Watch the embedded video by pressing PLAY above, rate the episode in our poll, then sound off in the comments.

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