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The Waltham Council on Aging is dedicated to the needs and interests of Waltham seniors. Board meetings are held at 11:30 am on the third Monday of the month at the William F. Stanley Senior Center, 488 Main Street. No meeting takes place in July and August. The primary telephone number is 781-314-3499.

COA Update: We are very happy to bring the programs back to the scene. There are challenges to come back at full speed. Right now there are instructors who are not ready to come back for in-person lessons. Zoom fitness classes will continue. The presentations on Zoom will continue. The SHINE program continues to provide assistance over the phone, but they can also meet here in person. In August, Meals on Wheels will revert to daily deliveries instead of weekly. These meals will be cooked off site and will be refrigerated rather than frozen. There will be more activities in the parking lot. We plan to start other programs and activities in the building in August. Please watch the August newsletter for more up-to-date information. You can call us for any questions. The building remains open for all transactions and for those who need to meet someone in person.

Free Waltham Arts Council 2021 Tuesday Night Concerts on The Common: Bring your blankets and chairs and enjoy an evening of outdoor music. All concerts are from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. In case of rain the concerts will be resumed on Thursday of the same week. If you have a question about canceling a concert, call 781-893-2787.

July 6: Martin & Kelly – New Country

July 13: Classic Groove – Music from the 50s, 60s

July 20: Waltham American Legion Band

July 27: Studio Two – Tribute to the Beatles

August 3: Tom Bruhl Trio – Rock variety

August 10: Reminisants – Music from the 50s, 60s

August 17: Soft Touch – Big Band

August 24: Mystique – Everything is awesome!

Taxi vouchers: A new taxi voucher program begins July 1. Vouchers are available to residents of Waltham aged 60 and over. If you are a first-time buyer, you must make your purchase in person and provide us with proof of age and residence. A booklet of 10 coupons valued at $ 10 costs $ 5. A larger discount is offered to Mass Health beneficiaries. The voucher program begins July 1 and expires June 30 of each year. The vouchers are intended for medical and social purposes. They are not valid for trips to the airport or cruise ports. You can purchase six voucher books for the month of July. Please let us know if you have any problems redeeming your vouchers. We will need the name of the taxi company, the date and time of the problem. Thank you.

Free outdoor concert featuring Boston Jazz Voices: 7 p.m. on July 28. Boston Jazz Voices is an 18-voice a cappella ensemble dedicated to vocal jazz. They sing sophisticated and intricate vocal arrangements that sound lush and fabulous! Join us for this hour-long concert in the fully shaded COA parking lot. Call the center to register. The rainy date is July 29.

Social ice cream: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 5 August. Join us outside in the parking lot for Pizzi’s ice cream truck. It will be in the shade. Enjoy free ice cream! Call the COA to register as this event has a limit.

Outdoor golf: On-going golf lessons are offered Monday at 10 a.m. at Stone Meadow, 675 Waltham St., Lexington. Classes are taught by Joe DiVico. Lessons are free, but you must purchase discounted tickets for the driving range and the golf course. New participants must register by calling the senior center.

The walking group: The Council on Aging and Waltham Connections for Healthy Aging offer this program. You can walk from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting) at Veteran’s Field located at 385 Forest Street. The program will continue until Bentley reopens at some point. Call the senior center to be placed on the robot’s call list for updates on this program.

New day and time for Zumba class: The Tuesday Zumba class on Zoom is now offered at 8:30 am on Wednesdays. The instructor is Stacey Tully. Don’t forget to check out all the fitness classes currently on Zoom.

Metrowest Legal Clinics: Metrowest Legal Services offers free 20-minute appointments to speak with a lawyer by phone or Zoom on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Call us to make an appointment.

Type 2 Diabetes Research Needs You: If you’re 65 or older and have type 2 diabetes, you can participate in a research study where you can try a new way to manage your diabetes and get support from other people with diabetes. See Yourself Health would like you to try out its new online diabetes education platform. Participants will be invited to test the platform for two hours and then use the program at home for two weeks. Compensation for participation can be up to $ 150. Fluency in English and internet access from home is required. To see if you are eligible for registration, call 570-505-2228 or email: [email protected]

CBD for the treatment of anxiety and agitation in Alzheimer’s disease: McLean Hospital is recruiting participants with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease for an eight-week trial. Research subjects will consume a high CBD / low THC solution daily for eight weeks while participating in weekly visits with study staff. Follow-up visits will be offered. You may be eligible if you are between 60 and 90 years old, have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and experience symptoms of anxiety with or without agitation. Contact Kaitlin McManus at 617-855-3192 or email: [email protected]

Patriotic music and poetry on Zoom: 11 a.m. to noon: July 2. The Boston Red Sox host this concert live from Fenway Park with Red Sox organist Josh Kantor and poet laureate Dick Flavin. Call the COA to register and the link will be provided to you by email.

Stonehenge: 1 p.m. July 20 via Zoom. Join Marilyn Harris as she takes you on a 1-hour virtual trip to England to watch Stonehenge. It is not the only circle of stones around (by far); it is not the oldest either. But it is undoubtedly the one that raises the most questions and controversies! During the tour, you will learn about some of the theories about who and, more importantly, how and why it was built almost a thousand years before the Great Pyramid. Archeology has developed there in the 21st century and new surprises are constantly being discovered. Call the COA to register and the link will be provided to you by email.

A voice from the Titanic, Margaret Tobin Brown, performed by Marilyn Harris: 1:00 p.m. August 3. On a freezing moonless April night in 1912, the luxury liner White Star, the RMS Titanic, struck an iceberg. Within a few terrifying hours, the ship was at the bottom of the sea, taking with it 1,514 men, women and children. Margaret Tobin Brown (perhaps better known as “The Insinkable Molly Brown”) was one of the lucky 710 survivors and she will share her story with you. Join Marilyn via Zoom to hear this “Voice of the Titanic”. Call the COA to register and the link will be provided to you by email.

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