What connects the RMS Tayleur and the RMS Titanic? The Saturday Quiz | life and style


1 What begins, “When in the Course of Human Events”?
2 Which English county is a member of the Celtic Congress?
3 The original title of which novel was Margaret Hale?
4 Which skyscraper in New York has wing and hubcap decorations?
5 Emma of Normandy was the mother of which two kings?
6 Why does the Etruscan shrew break records?
seven The head of Medusa is the logo of which fashion brand?
8 Which football club is nicknamed FC Hollywood?
What links:
9 Vasa, 1628; RMS Taylor, 1854; RMS Titanic, 1912?
ten Malibu; thruster; fish; gun; to win?
11 Katniss Everdeen; Hawk Eye; Legolas; Daryl Dixon?
12 Talon Holland Bakt; The Best Pastry Chef; Big Backen?
13 Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu; Jeannine Deckers; Wendy Beckett?
14 Wales; Belgium; double-decker bus; soccer fields?
15 Bermuda petrel; Lao rock rat; terror skink; coelacanth?

Do you know everything about Emma of Normandy? Photograph: Miscellaneous/Alamy

The answers

1 United States Declaration of Independence.
2 Cornwall.
3 North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell).
4 Chrysler Building.
5 Harthacnut and Edward the Confessor.
6 Smallest mammal (by mass).
seven Versace.
8 Bayern Munich.
9 Ships that sank on their maiden voyage.
ten Types of surfboard.
11 Fictional Archers: The Hunger Games; Marvel comics; The Lord of the Rings; The Walking Dead.
12 International versions of The Great British Bake Off: Dutch; French; German.
13 Famous nuns: Mother Teresa (original name); singing nun; Art critic for television.
14 Common size comparisons in the media.
15 Animals once thought to be extinct.

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