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ATHENS, Georgia – Georgia has probably lost a lot of time in training this week.

The No.2 Bulldogs didn’t need a passing game or red zone defense to fill Arkansas No.8 37-0 at Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

Just as Texas A&M never slammed a ball in the red zone against the Razorbacks last week, the visitors put no pressure on an excellent Georgian defense. The Hogs reached UGA 20 in the first half before missing a field goal and passed a 19-yard pass to 15 to end the game.

The Bulldogs played what Arkansas coach Sam Pittman called “bally ball” to manhandle what had been a good running defense. They turned the story around on an Arkansas team that dominated the running game in a 4-0 start.

Georgia rode 273 yards on the ground, throwing just 11 passes in a smash-mouth pattern mostly designed with runs between tackles.

“They dominated us,” Pittman said.

And that was both sides of the ball. The Hogs only got 156 yards overall, 45 on the last practice of the game as the Bulldogs played with some reservations.

“They just physically whipped us,” Pittman said. “It wasn’t the guys in the backfield who slacked off and we couldn’t get out of the blocks.

“It was an intimidating bullet and they made us love it. I didn’t like it, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Arkansas stopped the run in the first four games with a defensive lineup that seemed to offer weak points. Georgia exposed these weak points.

It was after the Texas A&M win that Pittman noted, “When we line up it looks like you can throw the ball against him. But we are running for the ball like crazy. We have three downs, and then everyone is scattered… our linebackers can run for the ball.

Arkansas senior linebacker Grant Morgan, the team manager with 12 tackles, described the ploy and how the Bulldogs attacked it.

“They found our pockets,” he says. “We would line up and they would flip our backs and tight end, then hit our bubble. They made me play two gaps. It was a very good job plotting us

“I was surprised at how easily they scored. After the first two trips, we did better. But their running backs hit the “A” gap and bounced off the “C” gap. It’s difficult for a defensive back who plays the pass to come in and tackle.

“We would get up at the back and then their offensive line would push them forward. We need to tackle ourselves better.

Unlike in the first four games, the Georgia inside lineman got a move against three-man forward tackle John Ridgeway and ended Tre Williams and Markell Utsey. Bumper Pool linebackers Hayden Henry and Morgan were forced to get rid of the blockers and hit the runners.

The Bulldogs ran it 29 times for 139 yards in the first half, while the Hogs had 40 yards on 14 points.

Pittman credited Georgia coach Kirby Smart with “having his team ready and not me.” It is essential. We made a lot of mistakes. We are not where we need to be physically and they have dominated us. “

Nothing Pittman said was wrong. The crew led by referee Jason Autrey threw flags from all angles, too often with multiple fouls on the same play. Morgan said that Autrey once told him that there could have been “one”. more piece on a piece “.

Pittman became frustrated when asked about the practice in which the Hogs took five penalties over two games.

“I don’t know what the answer is,” he said. “Don’t jump offside, hold back or interfere with a pass. Damn, I don’t know.

He later described the penalties as pouring dirt on an injury.

There was a point in the game when the Hogs had 105 yards on offense and were flagged for 100 yards. There were 13 penalties imposed on the Hogs, but four more were reported and two more that did not count because Georgia was also reported.

“There are a lot of things we need to fix, but that’s why I’m the coach,” Pittman said.

The Bulldogs hammered straight past that three-man front for two early touchdowns, then led the kicking game for two more scores to take a 24-0 halftime lead.

Georgia ran six times for 39 yards on a 9-play, 75-yard touchdown walk to open the game. Quarterback Stetson Bennett, replacing injured JT Daniels, circled the right end to open the march. But most of the runs were dives between the tackles of tailbacks Zamir White and James Cook.

The Bulldogs were only a third behind on that first step, a third and 1 to Arkansas 3. White threw a left tackle to score standing up. It was 7-0 at 10:46 of the first quarter.

The Hogs committed six penalties in the first quarter, two in their first practice when linemen Dalton Wagner and Brady Latham moved before the snap. The Hogs were trying to operate in front of a noisy UGA student section.

These two penalties put the UA’s first start on its own 7-yard line. The Hogs couldn’t find a place to run against the big, fast Bulldogs. They slammed the ball from inside his 10-yard line in their first six games, scoring minus 4 yards.

Georgia rushed 56 yards in nine plays to make it 14-0 at 4:34 of the first quarter. White made three right tackle yards on the fourth and 1 from the UA 35. Kendall Milton propelled the left guard for a one-yard touchdown run.

A failed kickoff on a good catch forced the Hogs to start at their own 8-yard line. There was a completion on the second down, but a lineman was on the pitch. Jefferson lost a yard on a third and -8 to force a punt. Defensive back Dan Jackson slipped without touching the middle to block Reid Bauer’s punt. White recovered for a touchdown.

The Hogs responded with a 12-game walk with Jefferson going out for free on two points and Raheim “Rocket” Sanders smashing a tackle on a swing pass for 22. But Jefferson was pissed off without a gain on third and five before Cam Little miss a Field Goal of 37 yards. It was the first miss in nine tries this season for the rookie.

The Bulldogs came back inside running a 9-play, 51-yard walk for Jack Podlesny’s 46-yard field goal. There were seven straight games before the Hogs started the blitz. It was 24-0 at 7:38 of the second quarter.

The Hogs delivered 55 yards on their drive for the missed field goal, but they had just 23 yards on 11 plays in their other four first-half possessions. Georgia led in total yards in intermission, 193-78.

The second half started out much the same. After two penalties (one declined) and a three-and-out on AU’s first possession, Georgia ran the ball nine in a row before Podlesny scored a 30-yard basket to make it 27-0. . None of the UGA runs on this drive were longer than six meters, but it suited Bulldogs patients.

Georgia ran it nine times on an 11-game, 93-yard touchdown to extend the lead to 34-0 at 12:12 of the fourth quarter. The last six games were via racing. There were two third games on record, conversions thanks to five Arkansas penalties.

The first UGA conversion in that possession came in third and fourth when the Hogs were flagged for offside, possession and passing interference. In the third and -9, there were two UA penalties, one offside and one holding.

White kept his balance at the 5-yard line on a 15-yard touchdown run, bouncing inside after finding room on the right tackle.

There were eight straight carries in Georgia to start a march to a 38-yard basket from Podlesny for a 37-0 lead at 3:46. The Hogs made it harder by bringing in an additional defensive lineman for the first time on solid possession.

The Hogs turned to alternate quarterback Malik Hornsby for the last two possessions. Hornby’s through pass with less than a minute to go that slipped through receiver Jaquayln Crawford was the only time the Hogs went deep.

Jefferson completed just 8 of 13 passes for 65 yards. He was sacked three times and finished with a five-meter net on the ground. The Hogs had a 22-yard long swing pass to Sanders. Star wide receiver Treylon Burks had just three catches for 10 yards.

Pittman, a former Georgia assistant, was asked if this is the best team Smart has fielded.

“It’s the best defensive front I’ve seen,” Pittman said. “They can really ride guys. They have guys on the second team that would start for other defenses around the country or anyone in the SEC.

Pittman said the call of play sometimes revolved around the health of Jefferson, who slowed down in practice this week after sustaining a knee contusion against Texas A&M.

“He was really good after Wednesday,” Pittman said. “We didn’t use it as much (running) today and we talked about putting Malik on earlier. But we didn’t think KJ was in pain.

The Hogs don’t appear to have suffered any further injuries against the Bulldogs. They will be traveling to play Ole Miss this week. Pittman said a rebound wouldn’t be difficult. He said all the goals are still achievable.

“We didn’t lose a (goal) today,” Pittman said. “We have a chance to come back and play against Georgia again. Our pride was crushed, our ego was crushed, but it was just a game against the East. “

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