Wild Titanic Theory claims Jack was a ghost at the end

One theory suggests that Jack Dawson was a ghost in his final scene in Titanic, giving another explanation for the famous door scene.

Although Titanic tells a full story and leaves almost no details, there are many theories about the main characters, among those suggesting that Jack was a ghost in his final scene. James Cameron has explored a variety of genres in his career as a filmmaker, and although he is now mostly associated with science fiction and fantasy thanks to films like The Terminator and Avatarone of his biggest and most ambitious projects is Titanica disaster drama based on the real-life tragedy of the RMS Titanic, in 1912.

Released in 1997, Titanic chronicles the sinking of the title ship through the story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), two passengers of opposite social classes who fall in love aboard the ship on its ill-fated maiden voyage. Over the course of four days, Rose and Jack met, got to know each other quite well and fell in love, and even as they struggled to survive they continued to fight for their relationship, as it was looked down upon by those in the first-class circle, especially those close to Rose. Sadly, Jack was one of the many passengers who died in the sinking of the Titanic, while Rose was one of the few to be rescued from the sea and live to tell her story.


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The story of Rose and Jack in Titanic is narrated by Old Rose (Gloria Stuart), which has given way to some theories about the veracity of her story, as it’s possible she was an unreliable narrator. There are many moments throughout Titanic that may fuel this perception, including the most debated scene in the entire film: the door scene. After the ship completely sinks, Jack and Rose try to find a way to protect themselves a bit until they can be rescued, and Jack finds a door and encourages Rose to climb into it. The endless debate is whether Jack could have also stood at the door with Rose or not, but one theory has a different explanation for why Jack didn’t come in at the door: he was already a ghost in this stage.

Unlike a famous Titanic theory that says Jack was a figment of Rose’s imagination, she explains that Jack was real and fell in love with Rose, but in his final scene, Rose was actually interacting with his ghost. The theory, published on Reddit, suggests that Jack died when he was separated from Rose by the current created when the ship sank. In this scene, Jack lets go of Rose’s hands due to the current and disappears into the sea. Rose then frantically searches for Jack through a crowd of desperate and frightened passengers in the sea, and he finds her (very conveniently) as a passenger involuntarily begins to drown her. They then find the infamous door, and only Rose goes up there. The author explains that it was Jack’s ghost that saved Rose from drowning and later freezing to death, as getting her to safety was his “unfinished business”. This might explain how Rose found him so quickly among the crowd and how Jack found the door as well. quite quickly (the author also writes that Jack did not try to join her on the floating door, but he did and failed).

Last but not least, the theory’s author suggests that Jack’s last words to Rose about “getting out of there” and living to have babies, watch them grow and die a warm old lady in her bed n weren’t just a “motivational speech”. but Jack telling Rose of his future—and he wasn’t wrong, as Rose had to do whatever she and Jack planned to do together. Although it’s unlikely that Jack was a ghost in his final scene of Titanicthis theory gives a different perspective to the highly controversial door scene and makes Jack’s death a bit less tragic, but it also has various plot holes that don’t make it fully work, such as Jack trying to climb to the also carries and Rose pushing her body into the sea.

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