Worthily Films and their first short film – Waiting For Time

Worthily Films a new independent production company, based in central London, founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod. Their first short film WAIT FOR TIME was developed primarily online. A story written by Paul Chronnell and directed by The Bashford Twins.

In this article, we ask the Bashford Twins a few questions about their experience working on what has been called possibly the first short film to be shot in the UK after the lockdown. We explore the adventure of the filming process and learn more about the Bashford twins, their goals and future plans.

1) How did it work on Waiting For Time?

Waiting for time Development during the COVID pandemic has required a lot of planning and preparation on the part of producer Chelsea Leigh Macleod and executive producer Steve Dodsworth of Worthily Films to make sure everyone feels safe.

In pre-production, each meeting was done via Zoom, even the casting! When we finally met Ariyon Bakare and Jade Harrison in person to rehearse a few days before filming began. It was as we expected, very relaxed and enjoyable, even with the social distancing.

When filming finally arrived, we couldn’t wait to get back on set, especially since we were shooting in Super 16mm for the first time. It was a dream of ours to shoot on film and Worthily Films gave us this opportunity.

2) What is your greatest achievement?

There have been a lot of things we have accomplished that we are very proud of, the main one would be the journey we have taken to make a career in film. We grew up in Blackburn, a small town in Lancashire. Having directorial aspirations there were no opportunities there, which prompted us to make the decision to sell all of our gear and move to London to live in a shed in someone’s backyard for a while. a year. We worked for free at Pinewood Studios and eventually built more work and contacts there to start making our own films.

3) What is your favorite thing about the industry?

Meeting and working with new people all over the world is what is great about this industry. You can create a family of movies and only those who have made movies know exactly what we mean. You build a relationship of trust and a bond with everyone you work with for the rest of your career. It is also the excitement of making new projects. One week, we will be on a commercial shoot, then the following week, we will make a clip. It’s a fun industry to get involved in.

4) What are your future projects?

Our goal since we were 13 has been to be the first twins to win a BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Director, which is an important goal to achieve, but right now we are enjoying the process of building our director’s job. It is not a race to make a feature film that falls on us, but a film that fascinates us. We remain patient and look forward to shooting the next project with Worthily Films, whether it’s a feature film or a TV series. If we get closer to our 13-year goal, we’ll be happy.

Waiting For Time is currently in post-production and we’re gearing up for a positive festival. Writer, Paul Chronnell worked on the continuation of the script and on an exciting television series. Worthily Films is expanding its narrative list.

They would say the best time is now. Waiting for a good time? Worthily Films prefers to create a good time, also known as cinema.

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