Would you let Google choose your next vacation destination?

Few references tell us as much about our current culture or drive as many decisions as Google’s queries, and the google trends summary of 2021 reveals many of our fascinations in another unprecedented year. If you need travel inspiration for the coming year, consider capitalizing on last year’s trends with these 5 destinations that are what we’ve all been looking for anyway.

Liverpool, England

In January 2021, researchers were more curious than ever about the songs of sailors. These often whimsical little ditties date back to the British merchant ships of the early 19e century (you probably know the one about the Drunken Sailor) and if you want to connect with your maritime musical history, consider a visit to Liverpool, England, where Royal Albert Dock is one of the city’s top attractions, including many original buildings from the period. You’ll also find the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Titanic Memorial at Pier Head, and the National Waterways Museum. Complete a thematic visit with a stay at 30 James Street, just across from Pier Head, with a Titanic-inspired room, the original home of the White Star Line and the site where the famous ship was commissioned.

San Antonio, Texas

When a harsh winter brought paralyzing temperatures and snow down to areas of Texas that rarely receive such weather damage, large swathes of the state were left helpless as communities were left without power and without provisions. Google’s searches for “how to help Texas” skyrocketed not only across America, but around the world, during this shocking weather event. The city of San Antonio rarely receives snow, often spending years accumulating even 2 inches of accumulation, but recorded four separate days of snowfall in February 2021, on its own. Today, during quieter and safer times, explore Alamo’s house, where you’ll also find the popular River Walk, free historic parks, and plenty of art. Check in Havana Hotel, with a colorful history, for a charming stay in a legendary setting.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pope Francis may have recently rebuked pet parents around the world, but plant parents are the new ones pawrents anyway and no one has criticized them yet. How popular is plant parenting among Millennials and Gen Z? As of March 2021, “how to move with plants” overtook both “how to move with children” and “how to move with pets” in Google searches around the world. If you want to incorporate a serious appreciation of plants into your next major getaway, head to Rio de Janeiro where you will find the vast Jardim Botcânico, with over 6,500 species and the magnificent Avenue of Royal Palms. Bring the ambiance of the lush forest to your hotel with a stay at The House of Dussol, a chic boutique surrounded by lush greenery and a view of the sunset by the pool.

Chihuahua, Mexico

In May 2021, Miss Mexico won the crown in the Miss Universe pageant, prompting searches for “miss universe Mexico winners” to reach 3,450%. Why? It was not the first time that Mexico won the title. While the United States can still lead Venezuela as the most crowned country, Mexico is tied with a few other countries for fifth place with 3 wins to date. The current reigning queen is from Chihuahua, Mexico, better known for its eponymous temperamental dog breed than for tourism, but there’s a lot to see in this less-visited Mexican destination. Book a room at the historic Central Boutique Hotel a few steps from the baroque cathedral of Chihuahua and 18e-th century government palace. From here you can also board a spectacular train through the Copper Canyon Gorge.

Manila, Philippines

October is Philippine Heritage Month (officially Filipino American Heritage Month) in the United States, and the month has seen an increase in searches for “Filipino bakeries near me” across the country in 2021. Although indulging desserts may not be the most impactful way to experience a culture, it is certainly one of the most delicious. To get the most out of this culinary adventure, head to Manila, home to some of the Philippines’ most beloved bakeries. Explore city favorites like Purple Oven and Hizon’s Cakes & Pastries with breaks between frenzy by the waterfront Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila overlooking the bay.

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