Wrexham Lager teases a new beer to be launched this week

WREXHAM Lager has teased a new beer set to launch this week.

Lager is the oldest British lager first produced in 1882 and was popular, having been the only lager to be produced on the RMS Titanic, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1912.

Welsh liquid gold sadly declined and the original brewery closed in 2000.

However, after ten years, a new high-tech brasserie opened in 2011 in the heart of Wrexham, and the brand has seen a revival and growing success.

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Gold medal for Wrexham Lager’s Bootlegger beer

The company has enjoyed dazzling success, especially in recent years.

He even teamed up with social media sensation and die-hard Wrexham AFC fan Karl Phillips aka Bootlegger to launch his own brand of beer.

Since January 2022, the ‘1974 Bootlegger Pilsner’ and Wrexham Lager have been on sale in Aldi stores in Wales and England.

PIC: Bootlegger with his own beer produced by Wrexham Lager!

Now, there’s more good news for the company as it prepares to launch its final beer on Wednesday, April 6.

It will be the most recent beer launched in two years.

While few details have yet been announced for the new brew, Wrexham Lager says it will be one of “many more” special announcements to come this week.

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