Yasmani Grandal was barely starting to get hot

Chicago White Sox fans might have thought all was lost a few weeks ago when wide receiver Yasmani Grandal sat there with a less than 200 batting average and defensive errors all over the place. A lot of fans were discussing how bad Grandal was and how a waste of money it was to sign him.

Yasmani Grandal has been amazing for the Chicago White Sox this season.

Grandal’s offense has improved a lot in recent weeks. It has a slash line of .188 / .388 .436 with an OPS of .824. His batting average isn’t very impressive, but when you consider his base percentage and how many home runs he’s had this season (14), you can tell he’s had a pretty good year there. day.

In fact, his season was so good that he was a finalist on the Major League Baseball All-Star ballot. He finished third in the American League as wide receiver. Just being a finalist proves that there are those who think Grandal is one of the best players in the league.

When it comes to his defensive skills, Grandal has improved so much. Thinking about where he is now, compared to where he was earlier in the season is amazing. He quite often made defensive mistakes like receiver interference and let the balls go through him. You stopped seeing that from Grandal. He was playing almost perfect baseball.

The team could definitely use more guys like Yaz, someone who is patient with the plate. It’s good when he gets it right because he hits home a lot. You could say the White Sox are finally getting their money’s worth thanks to Grandal. Fans would now probably agree that it does. He shows himself big when needed both in attack and defense. And he is a particularly important part of the White Sox.

Grandal is now suffering from an injury and it is quite serious. He will be absent for 4-6 weeks due to a knee injury. Zack Collins will take over as the starting receiver for now and Seby Zavala will be the new replacement. He was just starting to get hot, we can only hope he comes back and starts playing as well as he did before the injury. If that happens and the rest of the squad recovers as well, it can help them become a legitimate World Series contender.

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